Hotel Davost • Via Tagliamento, 26 - 33024 Forni di Sopra (UD) - ITALY • Telefono +39 0433 88103 - Fax +39 0433 886775 •     

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Forni di Sopra, not surprisingly recognized under the "Pearl of the Alps", offers its guests an ideal place for relaxation, walks in the unspoiled woods where you can taste the most authentic and ancient perfumes and where the snow envelops in a soft embrace. Years marked by the tourism is a dynamic country and in constant development to offer more services and entertainment to its guests without spoiling the unique landscape and maintaining the traditions that distinguish it. Known internationally for some sports (right on the slopes of Forni take place the World of Grass Skiing) and a regular destination for competitive withdrawals from different teams can boast a modern sporting center in continuous modernization. Particular importance has the restaurant industry that involves the whole country on the occasion of the Feast of Herbs of Spring and "Forni, Mushrooms and gastronomy ...", during which guests rediscover the flavors of Carnia tradition. Situated on the edge of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, Forni di Sopra is an ideal place to enjoy nature, to forget the stress of the city doing unforgettable excursions followed by the staff of the Park.